Our association’s goal is to support and promote communication between persons. The idea comes from the realization that our society offers less and less opportunities for people to talk. Today’s frantic life pace, a generalized suspicion of others, loneliness, old age, all contribute to discourage communication between persons, while the need to speak, listen and be listened to, even just for a few minutes, remains an essential necessity for every human being.

T here are less and less chances to meet people outside one’s circle of acquaintances (family, friends, co-workers) exchange ideas or just make small talk with them. How can we meet these people? Finding the squares and roads where duechiacchieregratis (free chitchat) will carry out its activity.

T he association wants to further precisely those chances. Thus, association members offer to whoever wants to take it, but also to themselves, the opportunity to talk and exchange opinions with unknown people, possibly with different interests and fresh points of view. They carry out their activity with nothing but a table and a few chairs, inviting passers-by to seat and have a free chat.
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